What is SEO ? Easy Explaination

What is SEO in Hindi: - We will tell you about SEO in easy sentences.
We all know that the whole meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.
It is used to increase the ranking of a website.
Websites and blogs take care that people can see them. SEO is important for websites and through SEO your website will be seen by Targeted Audiencs and Visitors who are interested in your article.

For SEO, we have to follow many important things.

•SEO is a process and with it we can increase the organic ranking and traffic of our website.

What is SEO? What is SEO in Hindi: -

In simple words, SEO is a process and with SEO we can rank our website on the search engine and most visitors can come to our website. Traffic is very important for the website.

People search for the topics they want, so if we write articles about popular topics and follow SEO, we can get traffic to our site. Search Engine ranks websites that contain Original and Useful Content.

What is SEO in Hindi
What is Organic Search Results?
Organic Search Results are Search Results that are originally ranked by Search Engine and contain Original Content that helps visitors.

• Keywords

If we target our keywords, then our SEO will be better. When we write an article, we have to target the Keyword explained in the content.

Why is SEO Important? Why is SEO Important?
 When most people search on Google they first go to Search Result.

SEO helps us rank our website at the top of search engines.

• SEO is important to increase the traffic of our website.
So, SEO is very important for Ranking and Traffic of your website.