How to Start a Blog ? Easy Tutorial

Most of the people who are new in the field of blogging faces many problems while starting a new blog.

So, today we will discuss that how you can make a blog that is proffesional and make in easy process.

So, if you are thinking to start your first blog, there are 2 main options.


If you are thinking to start blog and you also want to invest money at first then wordpress will be the best option for you because for wordpress you have to buy a domain name, hosting and a template. Template is also an important part of SEO because it helps to make your blog more proffesional.

    Blogger is also a best option. If you do not have investment, then you can start your blog by creating a blog on blogger. You have to buy a domain. Domain is also an important part to rank your blog because domain helps to rank your site.

Today, we will learn how to creat a blog on blogger. Because most of the begginers use this website to creat blogs.

•Firstly you have to go to blogger.

•Then you have to creat a new account.

•Then you have to Click on
 "Creat new blog" and select blog title and blog address. Your blog title and address should be related to the topic of your blogs. Your blog address can be changed later. After your blog created you can see your dashboard. If you want to upload post, you have to click on "Creat a Post" button and then you can publish your post.

While Writing post :- If you want to earn money with your blog, your blog need to be approved by google adsense. To be approved by google adsense your site or blog should have some qualifications. In the next article we will discuss and learn how to get qualified for google adsense and get your site approved from google adsense.

Set up your blog :- Go to side bar and click on "settings"
Then you can edit your blog title and description. Write a better title and description in short words. Write in short words but write it better.

•You can change blog logo and backgrounds by going to "layout". In the layout page you can see the full options to edit your logos,menu,social links etc.

I hope that all of you got help from this article. In the next article we wil discuss about more blogging parts.