How to Write Best Articles for blogs ? Blogger Part - 2

In the last article we learnt to creat blog and set up.
In this article we will discuss about writing best articles for blogs.

So firstly many bloggers think about content to upload on blog. Content is what your article is about. So you have to decide your topic. After you think a better topic, you can start writing your content. Here are some important points to write a best article.

Heading - Heading or title is an important part of your article. So, while writing a heading, try to mention the main keywords and the heading should reflect the topic and content.

Sub Headings - Sub headings are also good for ranking. Try to distribute your content and use sub headings.

Total Words - You have to write article with almost 400 words. If your article is more than 1200 words, it will help better to get rankings. So, try to write long content. In the first few lines of the article, describe the main topic of article. Then briefly explain the content. In the article, try to mantion all the keywords because keywords help to get your blog post ranked on google. For example, if you are writing about "Search Engine Optimization", then start by writing, "today we will discuss about Search Engine Optimization, which is a very important part of blogging."

Keyword Research - Research keywords and add them in your article to get better response.
You can use this website to get keywords Key Keywordtool.

Internal links - When writing your blog post try to share the links of your other blog post,but both of the post should be same topic. You can also link to other sites from your blog post.

Grammer - Your writing skills will be perfect if you write your articles with appropriate grammer. Google also ranks the blog pages which are written without much grammer mistakes. So, try to avoid grammer mistakes in your articles.

Images - Try to add images which are related to the content of your post.

There were some points to write a good blog post of your website. In the next article we will discuss about earning money with blog and how to get your blog qualified for earning money. So, we hope all of you learnt some main points of writing a good blog post. Thank you.